Biden has been the idiot of the Senate his whole career. His dementia was beginning to become unhideable in 2019 which is why they kept him in the basement.

It has now reached the point that it's a threat to the welfare of the nation. The Special Councils Report found him Guilty of multiple Felonies. Biden had documents not just from when he was Vice President, but from when he was a Senator. That is a felony that people are serving time for.

The Special Council said they can't prosecute him because he is not mentally fit to stand trial.

That triggers one of two things, either they have to prosecute him for his felony violation as a Senator, or they have to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove him from the Presidency.

If he is not competent to be tried, he is not competent enough to be President.

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When you take a step back and look at the world compared to even 5 years ago, it hits me that its surreal.

We have a senile fake president of the worlds (ex) most powerful country, leaders around the globe following the WEF and their death cult of humanity. And most people are either too weak or too stupid to do anything to resist it, happily injecting themselves with genetic bioweapons and accepting their financial demise from green feudalism.

It really is a mad mad world.

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Roger Stone is putting Ms Obamas name out there a lot. I think he's a psyoper in chief. He already got a pardon from Trump and unusually he has requested a second pardon? Hmm.

His good chum, General Flynn, was sacked from Trumps Whitehouse after 25 days or so, for lying to Trump. This duo along with Jan Halper-Hayes are grifting on Trump and the MAGA patriots. Stone is worth keeping a tight eye on..

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